Ways to Improve Practicing and Healing Effects

Aug 28, 2014


How do we improve practicing and healing effects?
Is there a way to improve ourselves from sub-health to a higher level?

Believing in one’s healing power and confidence.
Let’s see the relationship between our healing power and its confidence level. Healing power builds on one’s self healing confidence. Without such confidence, our healing effect is becoming limited or halted. So, we build one’s healing confidence which generates a significant level of healing power. There is two steps where we can build up healing confidence.


First , remove all self doubts. Instead, live life with courage and confidence.
Whenever you have a little voice and thought inside you saying “disease cannot be cured”, or “it is impossible because my case is unique and different”. Then, our advice is to face these self doubts first, learn to change or remove them.

All internal self doubts are part of our belief system and embedded at a much deeper level , therefore, they cannot be easily removed. As long as there are self doubts, the recovery and healing process will be hindered. Fortunately, there is a way to change it. Start “talking” to one’s inner self repeatedly everyday that “I can master the healing power” and “I have the ability to cure diseases!”. This type of internal communication, is changing our behavior to “can-heal” attitude. When communicated clearly and regularly, it can boost one’s healing confidence.

This process really takes lot of perseverance. Let’s be brave, and believing in nothing is incurable. You and I can master the power to heal disease! Our belief must be consistently nurtured, our belief is a significant healing weapon!

Secondly, stop all laziness and replace with practices.
Stop being lazy, or becoming too comfortable with your current stage (condition). Many people choose not to change. They are mentally and physically “frozen”. Building a new habit requires one to perceive the reality which is different from current situation. Too often many just sit and think. Now, we encourage everyone to just take action – by practicing. In fact, practicing is the easiest way of cultivating total well-being. Act now, find a place and fix a schedule to practice regularly. Some said, you are what you eat or think. We believe in you are what you practice.

Because all these practices are already proven in attracting qi-flow and universal energy into your body, one increases strength and ability. Never forget one’s attitude must be attuned to “I really want to practice, I know this is really good for me and my health”, and NOT “because teacher wanted me to practice”. Our body always “listens” to our mind, and our mind creation (mental healing) precedes body (physical healing). Therefore, it is so important to keep a positive attitude in order to speed up recovery process.

ZhiRen Take-away
Believe in your potential in healing power and change to become attitude of “can-cure”.
Learn and practice, to build these abilities.
It’s time now we choose to have the Power of Healing. Let’s arm with it for life.

Get “Coached”
Why you choose to improve little by little and spend many years of practicing to become and stay healthy?
Get a coaching now.

Our training program is conducted by only experienced health coach.
Each coach knows exactly how to assess your uniqueness in terms of learning capability, strengths, weaknesses and area of interests. Each coach can tailor-plan training practices – in terms of Frequency, Intensity and Duration (FID) -to meet your needs of being and staying healthy. Trying to practice on your own may work, but that usually consume more of your time and energy especially during the learning stage.

Look around us. There are people out pursuing greater health. They explore more effective ways and possibly easier paths to practice. Their courage should be applauded. However, some of them may be risking themselves when getting just too many advices (tips) from time to time. To them,

Which ones are good and competent advices?
Which ones should I be following?
How much time do I need to devote to attain desirable results?
How do I examine whether these advices really fit me?
(What if these advices work against me)

Our health coaches are responsible for making sure only effective and adequate practices are embraced. Not only are our practices proven safe and risk free, it focuses on the harmoniousness of inside our body and mind – it is beyond our current health conditions and needs.

So, why choose to improve little by little, and spend many years of finding and mastering your practices.
Now you can have it all, just enroll and engage our coaching program to meet your need of living and staying healthy!

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