Our People

Pic Edwin Oct 15 2014Edwin Khor

We now set up this wellness centre which provides a place for many people to upgrade in qigong. I believe that health and wellbeing are easily and rightfully achievable by everyone. When one is under proper guidance, learning becomes fun. It is a gift in helping others to attain their total wellness.

Pic YanChoo Oct 15 2014Hee Yan Choo

With more than ten years of experience, I like to pass on my knowledge and expertise about practicing qigong together. I believe one’s mindset is the key in building health. Through practicing together, it brings about profound changes in body and mind, one becomes more joyful, feel good and appreciate living at present moment. It is my vision to help people reachng their health goals and staying healthy.

Pic Cheong Swee Fong Oct 2014Cheong Swee Fong

Over years, I have written songs and lyrics to inspire people to achieve their solitude of mind being. After practicing for many years, I have my vision to assist more people to uplift their living – with abundance and happiness. It is a rewarding experience, bringing a true magnificence of health being in everyone’s life.

Anthony Khor

A former Corporate Senior Executive, I am now committed to helping many individuals, family members, teachers and others to achieve the highest stage of health being. I have dedicated the last ten years in qi gong practices and am particularly interested on healing energy and self “innerization” (awareness development).

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