Father’s Day Special Edition: Dad, You’re Simply The Best ! 父亲节特辑:老爸,您最棒!

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Father’s Day ZhiRen Wisdom

(21 June 2015)


信息 Take Away
1. 努力是成功之父。 1. Hard Work is the key to Success.
2. 父亲的伟大在于坚持不断的努力,从不放弃,自强不息,以至于成功。 2. The Greatness of Father is because of his persistency and indomitable spirit, keep striving on and succeed.
3. 父亲就是孩子的榜样。


3. Father is our kid’s role model.

Must improve health being, and not become a “liabiliy”.

4. 塑造孩子的人格。父亲要有和谐的气场,家凤,那么孩子身体好了,性格也更着变好了。很多孩子不好,根源在于体内的气不足、气不顺。


4. Building kids’ character. Father is responsible for developing a harmony “Qi Field” at home, this helps changing kids’ characters to become better. Bad characters mainly is due to lack of inner body Qi or good passage of inner Qi. When inner Qi is highly sufficient and smooth, one becomes happier, family life becomes more joyful.
5.爬行功:可以治好颈椎病、改善消化系统、强化脊柱等功能。 5. Crawling method: it can heal neck related diseases, improve digestion system and elevate spinal performance.
『有求必应』答疑 Question & Answer
Q1:“我去看医生,医生讲我的脊椎是60岁老人家的脊椎,要如何治好叻?” Q1:“I went to see doctor, doctor said my spinal cord was like 60 years old people spinal cord, how can this be cured?”


Early Aging, gel inside spinal becomes hardening. Lack of Shen Qi (kidney Qi) and endophine releases less “happy” hormone compared to “aging” hormone.

Wall Squatting, can massage spinal, delay aging process, and even to attain anti-aging effect.

Q2:“踝关节很痛,要如何改进、康复?” Q2: “My ankle is very painful, how do I improve and recover ?”
还是练蹲墙(它像万能药一样)或站庄,可以修复下肢的损伤,调解踝关节的疼痛。 Still do wall-squatting or ZhanZhuang, it can heal lower limp damages, relief ankle pain.
Q3:“气功治疗师要注意什么?会不会被病人的疾病传染上身?” Q3: “Does a healer need to take any precaution before doing a healing? Will the disease transmit itself to the healer?”
治疗师有一种功能,感知功能,病人的疼痛不是你的,如果你以为是你的,那就麻烦了(感同身受)。 The healer possess a “sensoring” capability.  Patient’s pain is not yours, if you think it is yours, then you are getting into trouble.
Q4:“四周围的气有好坏之别,如何只是引导『好』的气?” Q4: “Qi is around us, so how do we attract good Qi?”
混元气没有好坏之别;而我们要取的混元气进入身体里面先变成“干细胞”,“干细胞“可以随着变成所需要的繁殖细胞、新陈代谢细胞和脑细胞等等。 Hun Yuan Qi, there is no good or bad; instead we draw Hun Yuan Qi and let it changes to “stem cell”, “stem cell” as needed changes into “reproduction cell”, “metabolism cell” and “brain cell”.
Q5:“小孩们应该学哪一种功?” Q5: “Our children need to learn which type of Qi Gong method?”


Anything, it is always better to learn in a group.

Children can do La Qi, Wall Squatting, Zhan Zhuang. Adults must learn how to guide them, sometimes organize competition events, let them demonstrate all their current capabilities.