Detian Waterfall (pic below), a transnational waterfall in the Sino-Vietnamese border, ranking the largest transnational waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest transnational waterfall in the world. 23-Nov-2014

DeTian Waterfall Nov 23 2014

Happy Holidays!

Now, it is coming, a season of giving and filling with love and appreciation.

What do we expect from ourselves ?

1.0 Teaching and Coaching use a sensible and rational attitude to serve, with a sense of morality to influence and build trust from others.

2.0 Handling Day to Day Affairs : be mindful when dealing with day to day activities. There will always be things happen beyond our control. When they happen, remember that “no issue that is too big cannot be resolved”, “all issues can always be resolved”.

3.0 Be Grateful When Helping Othersour kindness and helpfulness are the driving force for people to improve and achieve a higher level of well being.

4.0 Keep a Sense of Harmony : our harmonious approach generates a positive energy into Qi Field. It makes everybody (including ourselves) happier and filled with MORE Joys ! SMILE, always !

It has been a wonderful year, too. Keep it that way.

Best Wishes,

Zhi Ren Team Members