May the Qi be with You !

Master Yoda What is Qi?

 Qi (Hun Yuan Qi) is the most basic form of element, indivisible and invisible. It occupies the entire universe (and our space); although formless, it can develop into a Yin-Yang element and subsequently into all sort of livings and non-living things.


This universal Qi, by definition consists of mass (materials), energy (qi) and information (message) with the following characteristics:

  1. “Gather Qi to Form”, “Disperse Qi to Dissolve (formless)”. For instance, in healing, we gather Qi around a broken bone and it can start developing a new bone tissue (forming). Likewise, we disperse Qi of a tumor and it can start dissolving and dissappearing (de-forming).
  2. Fairness and equality – there is an on going exchanging process between our body (or nature) and the Hun Yuan Qi. This is constantly happening to all livings and non-living things.


How should we harness Qi?

Just like feelings or emotions, Qi exists but cannot be quantified. The good news is that human already knows how to harness Qi since ancient time.

Because human mind can attract Qi using mind, we need to be very concerned about how we harness Qi. When we harness Qi into Qi Field or body, there are guidelines known as 3”Rs” to improve on we should harness Qi with:

  1. Respectfulness: being respectful helps to attract a higher quality level of Qi (it can generate a greater healing power).
  2. Relaxation: being relaxed helps to increase the penetration of Qi into our body and bring along positive results.
  3. Realization: recognizing our body’s reactions and belief in its healing power. This boosts our inner body energy to the fullest!


Take Away:

Hun Yuan Qi connects us with its own natural laws whether we are aware of or not.

 “May the Qi be with You !”