About Zhiren Qigong Wellness

Zhiren Qigong Wellness Center was incorporated on 4th June 2014 to emulate the setup of Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center (World Largest Medicineless Hospital) established in 1988 in the city of Shijiazhuang and later in 1992, relocated to the city of Qinhuangdao.

Zhiren therapy avoids medicines and special diets in favour of qigong practices, love and life energy (Qi) to restore health. It is a non-profit organisation and there’s NO fees charge on admission to the Center for therapy, however the Center welcome contributions from members to help sustain the operations and overheads to help maintain the center. The fund received will also help to have more similar Center be established so as to help more people in greater geographical area.

Zhiren Qigong Wellness Centrer is SKM3 (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3) certified  Qigong Therapist, issued by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran , Kementerian Sumber Manusia. Zhiren have two SKM3 certified Qigong Therapist whom have achieved competency level as specified in “Standard Kemahiran Pekerjaan Kebangsaan (SKPK)”.

Since April 2015 till today, Zhiren had help close to hundred cases to regained their health and life. Health cases ranges from Cancer, Spinal Disorder, Mental, Kidney, Skin Disorder, etc. Many of these cases were not able to be treated by Western medicines or too expensive to be treated by Western medicines, and they came to Zhiren Center as their second hope to regain their health and life.

Qigong practice and readjusting one’s bad habits and lifestyle are the methods employed in the Zhiren Center, was developed by Dr. Pang Ming. The method is based on the 5,000-year-old concept of ancient qigong as well as modern medical knowledge.

The practice of Qigong required these four areas to be observed strictly:-

  1. Strong belief/faith (Xiang Xin): a belief that Qi or life energy, can heal all ailments, including one’s own. Students build belief by listening to testimonials of recovered patients and learning about Qi and its healing effects.
  2. Group Healing (Zhu Chang): before a group of students begins practice, the Laoshi (teacher) verbally synchronises the thinking of the group to gather Qi from the universe and bring it down into a healing energy field, surrounding everyone including the Laoshi. The healing effect is enhanced because the group is acting as one.
  3. Sending Healing Qi (Fa Qi): Facilitating Qi healing by Laoshi. Laoshi send healing Qi from the universe to each individual to facilitate healing.
  4. Practice (Liang Gong): Students learn qigong movements and practice them over and over again. The methods are:
  • Qi Stretching (Chen Qi).
  • Tibetan 5 Rites (T5R)
  • Nourish The Mind (Yang Shen)
  • Wall Squatting (Dun Qiang)
  • Trembling/Shaking Feather (Douling).

Treatment Programme
When a case enters Zhiren Center, he/she is diagnosed by Zhiren Qigong Therapist, and then assigned to a class for a 90-days treatment period. He/She spends most of his/her time practicing Qigong, four hours a day at the Center and were advice to practice at home for another four hours daily. Those who can stand up, practice standing; those who can sit, practice in their chairs; and those who can’t move practice lying down.

Through word of mouth, the numbers of intake increases every month. For enquiry please contact the following:-

39-2, 1st Floor, Jalan SP2/2

Serdang Perdana

43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact No: 012-395 9708 ( Ms Hee Yan Choo)



One thought on “About Zhiren Qigong Wellness

  1. Hello I heard about you today from Ettiene, who has been attending your healing classes. He is staying at the same guest house as I am. I wonder if it would be possible to meet you and have a discussion about my problem, before i leave Malaysia on wednesday?


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